Of late naona nimefanya dhambi mingi sana. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying napiga Nebuchadnezzar compe, but sins are all over us. We can’t avoid unless we are dead. Imagine the lady that passes you on the street with a tightened ass and bulging boobs, or the chaps who are walking to work in the morning and i splash them with dirty filthy water with the SUVs, or the kid in the street who asks for 5bob for food “Uncle, ninunulie chai ya kobole? …” We brush them aside as if we have more right than them to possess the kobole at that particular time. What happened to unalienable rights? The privilege of everybody in society to pursue happiness?

The sinful angel

“What happened to the need for everybody to pursue happiness?” Lordmwesh is not speaking bunkum

Sala ya kitubio
Mungu wangu natubu dhambi zangu zote, kwani ndiwe mwema, ndiwe mwema wa kupendeza, wachukizwa na dhambi, basi sitakosa tena, naomba neema yako, nipate kurudi, Amina.

The question i can’t seem to find an answer is “Should i help the poor with my 10% earnings, or should i take the earnings to church and tithe?”

Now, I am trying to be a better person than I was. And that is not hokum.

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