The bottom of the pyramid.

Warning! If you are overly patriotic to the point of being deluded, do not read ahead.warning

Kenyans are deluded. How can you have a new republic with the same rulers? Our intellectual discourse is worse than that of a child.

Finally we can be a proper capitalist society, where everyone is respected for their talent rather than their name, and where every man and woman eats the fruit of his or her sweat and not the proceeds of corruption. This is freedom, is it not?

Kenyan new constitution. Free at last, from the tyranny of the State, and so we hope.

In the past 50 years, Kenyan Politicians and senior civil servants became, some of the biggest landowners in Africa. They still are!

I am very hopeful because the Second Republic comes at a time Kenya is alive with creative energy. We have a generation of young people brought up to a cross-cultural cosmopolitanism and who are not held hostage by the past. It is a generation in which you do not detect particularly the sad ethnic and tribal divides that derailed our First Republic.

The new constitution will create more elective offices to accommodate political rejects, tribal chiefs and corrupt public officers

the reform path Kenya has chosen, means that for the first years county government will have to content with corruption. This is because the political peculiarities of a country usually determine how it devolves power.

The Constitution, however good, will not implement itself; we must continue to be vigilant for democracy and realise that revolutionary struggle for freedom and social justice is a permanent vocation for the progressive mind.

Kenyans were very optimistic in 1963, 1992 and 2002, but all the same Kenya still went to the dogs. Good governance is you and me. Demand it.

For there to be a new republic, there has to be a complete and decisive rupture between the old and the new socio-political order. Our new dispensation is still nascent and we have to leave it to future historians in their fullness of time to reach conclusions. Now, we are just laying the foundations that could be either solid rock or quicksand.

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