Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Kenya is very mature, with like 5 past events. including hosting the east Africa, Africa, and world IGF.

Lessons learned.

Other countries across the world wonder how Kenya has made it. I have had others say they are waiting for government to start their local IGF initiatives. Government and business do not sponsor the event but always shows up to defend themselves because they are usually the punching bag at the events. Nobody would sponsor an event where they are put under scrutiny.

It’s usually a hectic process arranging the IGF, with totally no funding, but we always find ourselves exceeding expectations. How do we do it?

Local participation from like minded individuals and enthusiasm is all that counts. And a little donation from members of the IGF working group, as we have done in 2013.


If your country has no national Internet Governance initiative, just form a network of like-minded
individuals and brainstorm on how to convene one. The twist is the Internet Governance Forum should be before your regional Internet Governance Forum, and the continental Internet Governance Forum so that you can use the deliberations at the national level to feed into the regional, continental and world agenda.