Social media was abuzz with London’s ICANN 50 trending. The twitter hash tag was #ICANN50. The At-Large summit was on with the tag #ATLAS2.

Officially checked in 3000 attendees to . Thank you 4 making ICANN50 our new record!

At you have to think quickly, and fast like the speed of the internet

How do you survive an Meeting? Reply w/ ur top tips using , be included in Mtg Guide!

Words being thrown around at : bottom up, multistakeholderism, open, participatory, review, transparent

Do you know what happens when you enter a domain name into your browser? Take a look…

It’s important for other civil societies to track ICANN and engage –

Nice to see remote participants from Cameroon, Kenya, Pakistan and Philippine engage actively in discussions at

Fadi says he is an atypical CEO who changes his mind and changes course in reaction to community feedback

Become part of the process. Help shape the Stewardship Transition

fellowship morning meeting

Public Forum begins at 16:00 in Sandringham. Remote participation details:

The Board should delegate .africa pursuant to the registry agreement signed between ICANN and ZACR 25/6/2014 – GAC

Joke of the day: If your laptop has crashed, and you have lost your data, you can have NSA give you a backup.

 Jul 1

had meeting room challenges that brought to the attention of the Ombudsman

Already loving the topics at the Public Forum….

Live now: Public Forum

Learn the basics on the IANA functions with this new infographic:

Africa Strategy Progress Report with Pierre Dandjinou taking place in Windsor Suite

“This is an opportunity to show that these bottom-up processes work” – Community Member

lunch sponsored by at Hilton Paddington, London

SSAC meets fellows in London. Security and Stability Advisory Committee.

Africa has 54 ccTLDs

Its time to put users at the front of the family says CEO Fadi Chehade

The Internet should be Conducive for healthy growth of juveniles. . Those are the 7 Internet tenets according to

DR. Steve Crocker, Board Chairman says should be all about

endorsed by acclamation!!! to present to Board, 18:00 Sandringham


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