Phone firms, chip makers and PC manufacturers are uniting to push mobile broadband on laptop computers. Laptops with the wireless chips built-in will bear a service mark “Mobile Broadband” logo which shows they will work with the third and fourth generation wireless technology (3G and 4G) as shown in this illustration.

Mobile broadband on PCs

Mobile broadband is wireless high-speed internet access through a portable modem, telephone or other device, but now it will be integrated into the laptop just like WiFi. Network standards used to implement mobile broadband are WiMAX, UMTS/HSPA, EV-DO and some portable satellite-based systems.

Advantages of broadband are convenience and portability, no need for a land line, flexibility, although the pitfalls are Lack of reception, limited bandwidth, and barrier in making calls using the same channel.

Laptop makers Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo have signed up to the alliance along with 3, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Ericsson, Orange, Qualcomm and Vodafone to make the 3G/4G laptops a reality

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