Definitely, KENIC is destined for better times, and I would like to thank the board for the positive outlook as seen in the AGM of 2013.

But I would be very wary of celebrating this early. The domain statistics presented at the AGM from the Chairman’s report had glaring errors and were not accurate at all, from 13,132 domains in 2011 to 26,026 in 2012 a purported rise of 34% (clearly, 13k to 26k is 100%). In 2009, the domains were at around 12,000, in 2010 the numbers were at 15,000, and 2011 at over 20,000, not the 13,132 reported.

I’m not an accountant but a jump in profit from negative Ksh1.4Million to Ksh15Million in one year might need further explanation. The domain jump between that period was about 5000, while the costs of doing business between the two years had a difference of Ksh 5,572,011 (A positive thing indeed), the difference due to reduced wages instituted in the restructuring process. Some clarification on this might be in order. The number one rule of audit is Trust but Verify.

Otherwise the discussions were very fruitful and these were some of the deliberations;

1. That stakeholders can still lobby like in any other law making process if they need the law changed to fit a particular purpose.
2. That the ICT bill was passed in 2009, and KENIC has been operating with borrowed time (government has been gracious enough). The Kenya communications amendment act 2009 is attached, I wish we can really get to understand it, and the provisions that separate the regulator from sitting in KeNIC board.
3. That the community will drive the change process, including the timeliness for dissolution.
4. That a consultant was given the assignment of exploring the best model to be used in managing the .ke. This is through exploring what route successful ccTLDs out there have followed. The findings will be shared with the community. And the community must be the one to make the final decision.
5. Mr Michael Katundu raised a very important point, that even if KeNIC is dissolved, the .ke brand will still remain, and it should be protected.

The issue of corporate governance and term of directors was never discussed at the AGM.

My appeal to the community is we support the .ke brand, and KeNIC because it’s a national resource, and an object of identity. The community has for a while now been very vile with it.

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