ICANN 47 fellows

ICANN 47 fellows at the Nkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre, Durban, South Africa, 19th July 2013

What is an ICANN fellowship and who are the fellowships for?

The Fellowship Program provides a grant of support to individuals who are members of the Internet community and have not previously been able to participate in ICANN processes and constituent organizations. In some cases, continued limited support is provided to those who have previously participated but need the opportunity to implement an agenda pertinent to a particular meeting (and still meet program criteria). This is a means tested program. Recipients are expected to actively contribute to ICANN processes and be a part of the next generation of ICANN leadership.

How are the fellowships awarded?

Fellowships are awarded by an independent selection committee based on a mix of criteria including applicant experience and references, geographic proximity to meeting, receipt of past fellowships.

Due to financial limitations ICANN may not be able to provide fellowships for all qualified applicants. In the case of a dispute or similar applications final decisions will be made by the fellowships committee.

Who may apply for and be awarded a fellowship?

  • The programme is targeted at individuals new to the ICANN environment from government, the ccTLD community, academic, civil and business constituents as well as non-profits, who are NOT involved in or associated with other ICANN supported travel programmes.
    • Successful applicants will have demonstrated:
      • Ability to utilize the experiences gained from the fellowship to become a part of the next generation of ICANN leadership
      • A role or interest in the Internet space
      • An interest in contributing to:
        • ICANN policy development processes.
        • The ICANN fellowship alumni network.
        • A leadership role in stimulating local interest in ICANN.
        • An ICANN supporting organization or advisory committee.

Current Program Status:

The following individuals have been selected to participate in the ICANN 47 Public Meeting in Durban, South Africa this July 14-18 2013.

  • Alejandro Jacobo Acosta Alamo – Venezuela – Academic and LACNIC member
  • Farzaneh Badiei – Iran – Internet Governance Forum Secretariat
  • Ulkar Bayramova – Azerbaijan – Academic and At Large
  • Artak Barseghyan – Armenia – Government
  • Andrew Rarumae – Solomon Islands – Business – member ccNSO
  • Kadian Davis – Jamaica – Academic – member NCSG and NCUC
  • Patricia Marie Thérèse Gnilane Senghor – Senegal – End User
  • Adrian Quesada Rodriguez – Costa Rica – Academic
  • Mwendwa Kivuva – Kenya – Civil Society and Business, Registrar
  • Oleg Demidov – Russia – Not For Profit
  • Etuate Cocker – Tonga – Academic
  • Dejan Djukic – Serbia – Not For Profit
  • Eddy Kayihura Mabano – Rwanda – Business
  • João Caribé – Brazil – Not For Profit
  • Mamadou LO – Senegal – End User and Afrinic member
  • Heba Sayed – Egypt – Civil Society
  • Maritza Yesenia Aguero Miñano – Peru – Government
  • Karel Douglas – Trinidad and Tobago – Government
  • Gul-e Rana – Pakistan – Academic
  • Amir Qayyum – Pakistan – Academic
  • Paul Muchene – Kenya – Business
  • Sarah Kiden – Uganda – Academic
  • Tuhaise Robert – Uganda – Academic
  • Asteway Shoarega Negash – Ethiopia – Academic
  • Olevie Kouami – Togo – Not For Profit – NPOC
  • Claudine Sugira – Rwanda – Not For Profit
  • Mona Melhem El Achkar – Lebanon – Academic
  • Don Peduru Pradeep Eranga Samararathna – Sri Lanka – Not For Profit
  • Carlos Alberto Villaseñor – Costa Rica – Not For Profit and ccTLD member

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