Over the years, as your business enjoys significant leap in revenue profitability, and growth, you need to rethink how to handle hard clients. This is called the “No Jerks” clause.

It works like this: if you’re a client of ours and you become too demanding or unreasonable, then we stop doing business with you. Not in a mobster kind of way, but in a gentler “we don’t think we can help you anymore” kind of way.

The “No Jerks” clause has some fantastic benefits, eliminating:

* time wasters
* unprofitable clients (such clients usually aren’t!
* clients who don’t help us grow our business

This way, we have more time to spend on clients whom we like and work well with, and who are valuable. This leads to better service, happier customers, greater profits (because we can charge more due to the increased value), and referrals to like-minded, quality prospects go through the roof. It’s a no-brainer.

Here’s the one strategy that these thorny clients seem to use: “If you can produce a cheap web site for me now, I’ll give you lots of work in the future and heaps of business referrals …” “If you can sell that part to us at a bargain, we will give you more business …” If these Jerks claims to be able to bring more clients, why don’t they start their own practice and pocket all the revenue?

Right there is the biggest red flag for you not to waste any more time on this prospect and move on. Life’s too short and business is too demanding to have to deal with people who just want to fleece you.

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