Will the size of your plates make you fat?- Larger plates tend to make you overeat because visually you want to fill up the plate. Smaller plates will make you think you’re having a full meal.

Tastes like chicken- 7 out of 8 tasted ‘chicken’ when served guinea pig, alligator, frog, and rabbit.

Does blowing out candles contaminate birthday cakes?- Yes, bacteria grew on the test cake greater than on the control, and even more with the greater # of candles on a cake. However, most micro-organisms in the human mouth are not harmful, as long as the candle-blower is healthy.

Can I eat something off the floor if I pick it up in 5 seconds?- Bacteria will cling to food immediately. High traffic areas will lead to even more bacteria on the food.

What is the best way to quell the tears while chopping onions?- Store onions in the refrigerator to prevent its enzymes from overreacting when chopped.

Eating carrots improves eyesight- Untrue, other than eating copious amounts, and in very specific cases such as night blindness because of the Vitamin A.

Does burning your tongue cause permanent damage- Unlikely, the tongue heals much faster than other organs.

Is moldy cheese okay to eat?- Yes? Hii ni noma, I wonder if eating moldy sausages is good too? :)

What has the most caffeine-coffee, tea, soda, or energy drinks?- in descending order; Energy drinks, Soda, Coffee, Tea, Green Tea.

Does drinking lots of water make your skin look better?- Not answered, One subject was intentionally dehydrated drinking only 32oz of water a day the second subject drank 64oz per day. The dehydrated subject had poorer skin than the properly hydrated subject.

Does drinking alcohol kill braincells?- No, it temporarily inhibits brain function though in large quantities.

What are some secret ingredients in natural food coloring?- Many food colorings include crushed beetle for red tint. Kumbe we eat wadudu :(

Does swallowed gum stay in your stomach for seven years?- No, gum will be broken up by stomach acids and pass through the system within 24 hours.

What is the best way to get gum out of your hair?- Oil placed in hair for 20 minutes will remove the gum.

How unsanitary are public water fountains?- As long as spigots are not touched, public fountains have low levels of bacteria because the arc the water flows out prevents it from touching the spigot. Office water coolers can be riskier because the spigot is never cleaned and touched by many people.

Can drinking ice water burn calories?- Yes, because it takes more energy to convert ice water to body temperature.

How much of taste is influenced by decor or elaborate menu descriptions?- Fancy decor and menu give the perception of a better dining experience.

Do wood cutting boards harbor more bacteria than plastic boards?- Any board with deep groove marks will harbor bacteria. Best to change boards routinely, wash in soap and hot water, and use separate boards for meat and vegetable products.

What is the healthiest oil to fry with?- Vegetable oil with high smoking point that is changed regularly, i.e. peanut and canola oil.

How do you enjoy buffets without going overboard?- Seat far from the buffet line so that its away from your line of vision. Scour the food before choosing, to see what you really want to eat.

Remedies for the alcohol induced hangover?- There is no surefire way to cure a hangover, although eating a meal before and drinking water while consuming alcohol will better prevent dehydration and lessen the effects of a hangover.

Can cola dissolve a penny, a nail, a tooth or a housefly?- None of the above, although a tooth will begin to decay within a few days. Technically, the same effect can occur with orange juice. In real life, your saliva washes down cola as you drink, although long-term drinking will lead to gradual decay.

How clean are lemon wedges in restaurants?- 7 out of 10 lemons tested with huge amounts of bacteria. Woooi, kumbe we eat uchafu?

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