It’s rare that someone will see his fortunes and blessings for a particular year. Nevertheless, I choose to count them.

This past year 2009 has been the most fruitful for me. The biggest achievement has been going back to school. This is something I have puffed and dreamt of for the whole decade, and at some point it looked like a mirage. I can only thank God for making it a reality. Desiderata says “…be at peace with God, whatever you perceive him to be” This is a plan that took ten years to achieve. I only pray that my education does not become as helpful to society as a bookshelf at Paris Hilton’s house.

All the same I still maintain that “in the third world, education is the last place called hope”.

Another big stride has been building a permanent residence for the family. Now my quinquagenerian parent can get a place to live in peace happily ever after.

More blessings, my company grew with increased net profit growing by about quarter more in 2009 than year 2008.

The social scene was even better. I mingled with so many people, which improved my atom confidence. However, it still seems the only way I’m meeting the girl of my dreams is if I go to sleep.

Maslow said people have no choice but to do all they can to meet their own basic survival needs. For the year, I did more to prove Maslow’s theories.

Now I have set two resolutions for the decade and the year 2010. Less talk, more deeds. Resolution two: drop my lethargy, especially on items that matter?
This is procrastination in a nutshell.

Resolution one gets its motivation from “What is more eloquent than silence”, from the movie Candilejas starring Charles Chaplin. “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”, from my backtrack Linux. For some people the less they know, the more they talk. My big mouth has not always landed me at the beach so for a change I will try to please Ndungi, and all those I interact with, and are annoyed by the talk. My sanguine easygoing but obnoxious attitude does not seem to go well with my friends and workmates who have been schooled the English way. They take life too seriously. You might think they will get away alive.

Resolution two: use my brain for a change. Of course, white people did not get slaves because they are the hardest working of all animals. If I can’t do all this stuff for myself, I will get someone to do it, paraphrasing Rockefeller “I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s effort than 100% of my own” and the Luo “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with others”

I have been in school for four decades now. That is a lot of schooling. I will strive to make this decade my last in class, therefore I will learn all there is to learn. Of course I went back to university to be at par with my friends who are generally more educated. Remember king Solomon in Ecclesiastes said “and I observed that all men labor and strive for success because they envy their neighbour …”

My mother, to whom I owe so much respect, did not pass a chance to remind me “a man becomes the company he keeps”.

Sadly, or is it sad, as I say goodbye to the old decade, I don’t expect to get married in this new decade.

I hope the new decade will bring even more success.

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