21st August 2019.

The first sun ☀️ is learning to speak. He is 2 years, 6 months. Some of the words he says are;

  • Bye, bye-bye. See you.
  • Imeisa: Meaning “imeisha”, Swahili for “it is finished”.
  • Titis: Meaning sweetness
  • Nipe: Meaning “nipee”, Swahili for “give me”.
  • (mumbles some words then says) ziwa: Meaning he wants milk or morning finger millet porridge. Maziwa is Swahili for milk.

Meanwhile, the second sun ☀️ ☀️ started crawling at 8 months, and by 1 year, he could stand assisted by objects. But he is yet to stand and walk alone. He is 1 year 2 months. By one year, one month, the first ☀️ could stand and walk on his own.

The first sun ☀️ is an adventurer to a fault, and a daredevil too. He likes climbing everywhere, pulling chairs and tables to scale cabinets. Pulling buckets to reach sinks. And mostly, he just wants to get out of the house and go far far away. This sun will rotate around the earth when he is of age.

6th October 2019,

The first sun has expanded his vocabulary. When you ask him to say banana, he says MANAMANA. We find it hilarious. “Noto” instead of “Moto”, Swahili for hot.

20th November 2019

1st 🌞 recognizes familiar faces on photos by name including himself. He saw his antie on the phone, and he was like, “monii”

21st October 2019

Sun ☀️ can now combine words. 2 years, 8 months. For moto (hot) he says noto. For nipee (give) he say ipee or some other derivatives. He can say sika chuis (shika juice), i\apee chuis (give me juice). He can also say tamtam (for food he is eager to eat), or apee tamu (give me food). Then 3 word statement; Thank you mum and thank you daddy (anytime his is given something), I say no – all the time he does not want something. He still says manamana for banana, and shoes shoes when he wants to wear shoes to go out. Papi simu (iko wapi simu). Sika noto (take tea). Noto means hot for him, but it seems also to mean tea. Children talk is hilarious and refreshing at the same time. Sun ☀️ is big, and heavily built, but not fat. He weighs 17Kgs. His foot is 16cms . He is too independent for the liking of his mother. He started giving himself milk using a bottle at 4 months, and has never looked back. He insisted on feeding himself directly from the plate before he was 2. Now, because of the independence, feeding his is real work.

Sun2 ☀️ ☀️ still cannot walk unassisted. Whaaat. 1 year, 5 months na upuzi. But he is very playful and has taken after sun1☀️ in playing with children apps. He specifically likes puzzles that help him draw letters of the Latin alphabet. He cannot say any word, but sometimes says engages in child sounds, but very rarely. Sun2☀️ ☀️ is tall and looks leaner than ☀️ . He weighs 11kgs and you only know he is heavy when you carry him for a short distance. Sun2 ☀️ ☀️ looks like a poor feeder because of the tantrums he throws when anything is brought near his mouth. Nevertheless, he sweeps plate after plate of concoctions thrown to him by his mother. His dies 90% of the time consists of boiled arrowroots (Lord have mercy), potatoes, carrots, spinach, and onions. And a daily dose of two pieces of Weetabix, all these drowned with about 600ml of whole cow’s milk. Whole means whole, freshly milked the same day.

Bathing for ☀️ 1 is work. Getting in the bathtub is a fight. But once he’s in the water getting out is World War 3.

Some interesting behaviors exhibited by ☀️ #1: He keeps on fitting into adult shoes and tries to walk around with them, sometimes carries a handbag, guess getting ready to leave the house. He refuses to hand over things that he’s not supposed to be handling and hides them behind his back😁. Every time he gets mom’s or dad’s phone, he calls everyone in the contact list and sends out a million messages on WhatsApp.

22nd November 2019 ☀️ #2, while at 1 year 5 months 9 days, walked unassisted. Huge milestone achieved

23rd November 2019 after an enjoyable road trip to Runyenjes and wading on lots of mud ☀️ #1 was locked inside a saloon car boot as he was getting his muddy outfit changed. The car keys were in the boot too. Best thing ever -amidst cry and panic he was able to take instructions to locate the key and open the car. He rescued himself in a record 2-3 minutes time (@ 2 years, 8 months, 8 days)

Both ☀️ ☀️ s are healthy to a fault. What else can one wish for?