So while on the Hotel bus from London’s Heathrow Airport terminal 4, I meet this couple of about 60 years. As we chat, I learn that they are from Australia and are in Europe for a two week bus tour. After touring London, they will take a bus tour with other colleagues and travel through France, Germany, Switzerland, … Well, that is such an experience.

On my second week, while spending at the Clink, I meet Nathan from New Zealand. Depute him not knowing where Kenya is, let alone Nairobi, he tells me he’s in a company of four, touring all over Europe for a couple of months. They had rented a tour home-van that allowed them the flexibility of travelling in all cities across Europe without having to spend in a hotel.

How about that?

I believe Civil Society should come out strongly as genuine brokers for the national dialogue called by CORD coalition. After the entry of NARC government in power in 2002, civil society became extremely weakened because most of the activists and people of perceived good morals entered government leaving the Civil Society movement a shell. Since then, it has never recovered. It is time for us to redeem that image.

Give dialogue a chance

Civil Society should lead the national dialogue in Kenya – Image source Shutterstock

As a new breed of Civil Society activism enters the foray, it’s paramount they step up the fight for the common citizen as the Civil Society strive be relevant. It would be imprudent for Civil Society to remain sidelined in these intense times. Civil Society have a unique advantage of being respected by Kenyans regardless of political affiliation, tribe, and social standing. It is therefore my call for us to come out very strongly as the convener of national dialogue since we represent the genuine interests of the people.

Civil Society should come out strongly as a genuine broker and convener of national dialogue in Kenya.

The opposition and government alike only have their interests at heart as they lay conditions for the national dialogue. Demagogues and sycophants will take sides and incite their followers seeking their interests to be catered for in government at the expense of the people who feel the pinch of incompetent leadership.

Arise Civil Society and be felt in championing a better life for all Kenyans. It is our time to be counted.