These are rough tips on how to keep a GOOD job.

Now here are seven tips for those among us in management on strategies for employee retention. Great employees are a rare breed — what can we do to keep them interested and dedicated to your organisation?

Realise that workplace happiness isn’t about the money. You can pay the best rates in the world, but if your work environment is bad, or the work is very stressful, you’ll be watching your best employees leave.

Show your appreciation. Your employees really are your greatest asset. Just like you, those under you enjoy feeling appreciated; make sure you thank them regularly.

Clearly communicate what you expect. If you fail to share your expectations, you’re causing unhealthy stress among the team. Be clear with what you expect and provide clear performance targets.

Listen to your staff. Everyone wants to be heard, including your team. Make an effort to solicit ideas and feedback from everyone in the organisation. Create a workplace environment where your people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.

Encourage a sense of ownership. Nobody wants to feel like they’re at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Instill a sense of ownership in everyone; be open and honest about your organisation’s plans for the future, and engage the group in “steering the ship.”

Have fun. We all like to have fun, so how about starting a work social group, going for a drink with the team, or creating a local sports team? It can be outside office hours — a healthy team is one that understands each other, and social contact is a great way to communicate.

Look after their well-being. Place a fruit bowl in the office and keep it topped up. Offer alternatives to coffee or shout everyone to a healthy lunch each week. Show that their health is important to you, and they’ll take better care of themselves in the process.

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