Desktops and Laptops purchased from manufactures like DELL, IBM, etc comes with a serial number(or service tag) and a model name. If you ever loose this information, then you can use MS DOS commands on Windows XP, or Vista to retrieve the information

To retrieve serial number of the computer run the following command

wmic bios get serialnumber

To retrieve model name of the computer run the following command

wmic csproduct get name

Compatibility of SPSS software with the Microsoft Vista operating system is usually a problem to system administrators.

For each of the SPSS products you can check with which OS it is compatible. Right now, only SPSS 15.0 is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista. There are no versions of the normal SPSS for Windows which are compatible with an 64-bit OS.


Disable the key

Okay, here’s how I found it:

Go to: “Run”
Type: regedit
A System Registry Editor will come up

You’ll be looking for this menu tree:

then scroll down until you see TERMINAL SERVER (which is the same as HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlProductOptions

Then delete the “terminal server” registry key.
If you turn it off or remove this registry entry, the entire thing works fine