According to St Joseph and Mary Parish in Shauri Moyo – Old Racecourse, feeling good is an integral part of life. Below is such a reflection

Feel good about yourself.

  1. Write 10 good things about yourself, 10 good things that you are good at, 10 good things you like about yourself. Keep adding everyday and you will see it as more amazing than you knew.
  2. Stop comparing yourself with others.
  3. Be yourself and use what you have
  4. Be real even to yourself.
  5. Get enough sleep. Stop building castles at night, without sleep you are a bad copy of yourself. To avoid that false castle, eat heavy lunch but relatively little and light supper, stay at least four hourse before you sleep to allow digestion take place. During sleep our bodies strain to digest , breath, yet it is time to rest the same bodies after a hectic day.
  6. Don’t wait for tommorow, do things when you have that chance.
  7. Stop putting yourself down, you can do anything even with your wishful thinking no matter what.
  8. Pamper yourself affirm yourself that you are good, don’t wait for others to do it for you, they will disappoint you.
  9. Take control of your social life, don’t sit at home and complain there is nothing to do … There are lots of things you can create and do so you are aware of your talent.
  10. Be a prayerful person

Going to church at St Joseph and Mary Parish in Shauri Moyo – Old Racecourse has some inherent benefits. Apart from spiritual fulfilment, our priest has taken into giving us free LIFE tuitions through pamphlets. I find them interesting to say the least.

My Name is Alcohol

I am the greatest criminal in History
I have killed more than have fallen in all wars of the world.
I have turned men into brutes.
I have made millions of homes miserable.
I have transformed many youths into hopeless parasites.
I capital the week, and weaken the strong.
I make the wise men fools, and trample fools into disaster.
The abandoned wifes know me,
The hungry and miserable children know me well too.
I have ruined millions and shall continue to ruin millions more